New Office Deployment

When you set up a new office, you need to assess and analyze its IT requirements to install a suitable IT infrastructure that fulfills your needs. Our IT specialists help you with robust and efficient management of all your IT needs. From the analysis of your requirements and developing an architectural design to set up and integrations, training, and delivery, we provide you with reliable and cost-effective services.
With our in-depth technical knowledge and extensive expertise, we give you recommendations, implement deployments, and provide support for a variety of software, hardware, and network systems. Our services help you in overall cost reduction and complexity, shorten setup and installation process, and optimize your new systems configurations.

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Office Relocation

Undergoing office relocation is a challenging and complex project that needs intensive planning and robust execution. You need to finalize your property deal, hire a relocation company, design your floor plan, and develop your IT environment.
Our exclusive office relocation services take the burden of shifting your IT infrastructures off your shoulders. With our expert services, we ensure that your organization faces minimum technology downtime during your relocation.
Using our advanced knowledge, experience, and resources, we set up everything from determining project logistics to designing an organized cabling system, improving security, and setting up your communication systems. This ensures that you get back to your routine business functions quickly and efficiently.

Data Centre Deployment

As an established managed IT services provider in the industry, MNA Technologies offer data center deployment services to support your requirements of data center infrastructure. We take the hassle of deployment planning, associated risks, and execution off your plate. Our services save your time, money, and internal resources, which you can use on other core projects of your business.
Our data center deployments professionals are experts in handling data center deployment logistics, quality, procurement, and scheduling. We use the best industry practices for the purpose that ensure your safety and compliance. You can customize the project scope, specifications, and size according to your deployment preferences. With our turnkey deployment solutions, we deliver according to your specifications, efficiently, and on-time.

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