Device Management

There are varieties of ways in which you can manage the end-user devices at your workplace. MNA Technologies make use of the best available device management system to provide your organization with robust and agile solutions. We adopt multiple ways to roll out your applications. Our experts help you with suitable device management solutions. Our team also supports you with maintenance. We manage workstations as well as smartphones.
Through the development and deployment of SOE (Standard Operating Environment), we help in maintaining consistent performance and reliability throughout your organization. The setting up of SOE within an organizational environment reduces cost and the time taken to deploy new software and hardware, and for troubleshooting various issues. As it attaches all your devices across the network, SOE offers easy management and deployment of software upgrades and patches and lowers the risks of developing unexpected glitches. With this standardized, automated, and repeatable solution, we assist you in developing a known, secure, supportable, and expected environment.
In addition to creating and deploying a standard operating environment (SOE), we can also provide your organization with more agile and scalable solutions. These solutions allow customizations at user-end. With our expert patching of operating systems and software upgrades, we maintain the use of Azure and other cutting-edge device management systems; we give your workers the flexibility they need while remotely exercising control over security, licensing, and versioning.

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Today mobility is not just staying connected through emails or remote access on desktops. Your remote staff needs to have 24/7 access to your company’s information, data, integrated telephony services, collaboration tools, equipment, and secure connections with comprehensive and reliable security. Without these protocols, you cannot expect your remote staff to work with speed and efficiency. Mobility is no longer a dream for any organization. In fact, remotely working employees deliver better productivity with more efficient use of technology.
At MNA Technologies, we offer a wide variety of advanced end-to-end mobility solutions, which allow your team members to stay connected and more productive while working remotely. With our years of experience in providing reliable mobility solutions to remotely distributed teams, we are capable of making your dream of the modern workplace a reality.


When you plan to invest in the latest software or hardware, you should be ready to spend a significant amount. You must make sure you are investing in the right technologies that meet your requirements and fit your budget.
At MNA Technologies, we work as your trusted technology partner that has deep knowledge and experience of providing the right procurement solutions and dealing with vendors to satisfy your needs. We negotiate the prices with vendors on your behalf, which saves you from the stress and hassle while giving you highly competitive prices.
Our hardware and software procurement solutions save you money and time. Through our expertise, we also provide you assistance in the implementation, configuration, and maintenance of technology solutions to give you optimal returns on your investment.
We not only take care of your procurement requirements but also IT licensing, specification, and compatibility worries when you buy any IT equipment or software licenses for your business. Our expert IT procurement team deals with all your software and hardware licensing needs across multiple vendors. We also keep a track record of the expiration dates of your licenses so that your business doesn’t have to face disruptions due to expired licenses.